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Stir crazy and lack of people setting in. I so need more numbers and such to reach people since no comp
In St. Louis trying to job hunt and no idea where to look. And no computer so texts and calls welcome, spread the word please.

Update and abit of Publishing

So still at my mother's place. I find that I am utterly clueless on where to job hunt. I can't quite narrow down what I want to do. So I'm almost to the point of first place I find something I'm accepting and moving to whatever city.  So suggestions on places and locales?

In other more important and hopefully confidence boosting news.. I've got a bit of something published. I put together a slide show of some of my New York City photos from last March. The more squee worthy part is that I got invited to the site, Associated Content, by a friend and fellow Cammie.  And the nice part is not only do I share what I've done and get to do some writing.  But I also get paid for it.

If any of you lovely readers out there want to view the slide show here's the link:  www.associatedcontent.com/slideshow/48316/a_trip_to_new_york_city.html

Otherwise, I do believe it's almost time for salad, turkey bacon and a bit of shows on DVR.

and back..

Well as the subject suggests I am back in Oklahoma. As things are I'm at my mother's place.  And I am not entirely certain I want to stay in Oklahoma, move to Tulsa I mean, or not.  Thoughts, ideas?

At this moment the weekend was good. I relaxed which was muchly needed. But I honestly wish that the weekend and the company had continued far longer than it did.  But more to come later when I will not have to give up the computer and have had sleep but not the fun activity before and upon waking.
Calls are welcome for the next 3 hrs


Quick update since it's been a touch.

Still working on my green dress. It's about halfway done but now my workspace, aka kitchen table, is cluttered again and I need to clear it off. Hoping to go do that in a touch.

Otherwise, I knew it before but even more so now.. Job hunting online sucks, even more so when you're not physically in the city.

I do however have a few notes of good news.  People are now asking me to proofread and edit things for them, from papers to letters. Doing this has made me realize I sort of like doing it.   I also have now had my car for one week. That is right, I picked up my fixed and running right car last Saturday. Down point is that we've had snow so not really driving it.  But having my car means I can head up to St. Louis this coming weekend for their FGoTM and have fun and relax. So hopefully this will result in a decrease of held in tension.

I also finally got around to a haircut. It's still long but looks alot better and is lighter. I did not dye it, so it's still my blonde. :) Turns out the norm for me, I get an itch to do something drastic in color and I just need a cut.


Name the movie: What's your damage Heather?

End of month update?

So yea I'm starting to question and doubt way too much. I think this is partly why I'm still somewhat sick and have had a headache for three days in a row. This makes over 3 weeks of being sick. Maybe a part of it is the stress of being at my mothers and without social interactions.

Started work on a dress. I have the bodice done and lined. Then I realized that I do not have the rest of the instructions. So I need to find those in amongst however many boxes I have from college still. *Sigh*

My car..Collapse )

*Crosses fingers* I hope this is the end of problems for awhile. At least on this end of things..I think my optimism button has gotten stuck. So far nothing really great or even somewhat good has happened. And of my two escapes from life, the computer has failed to entertain me and I haven't gotten any new really enjoyable books in months.

In other news, by the end of tonight I shall have my resume updated from my last job. I'm hoping to fit in a visit to someone before I move, or soon after but at least a weekend away.  I'm planning to head to Tulsa. It's a least a point for me to head towards at this moment. The longer I stay at my mothers the worse I get. I definitely need to move, to get out and with the way my car has been Tulsa is a closer move towards my father. And as much as I want to flee from my parents I at this exact moment cannot. With the car problems and student loans that won't do anything about me being unemployed, my accounts have gone kaput.

So here's hoping with my last bit hope that things start to turn around. That I hear from the idiot boy more than a few minutes once a week. That I can find a decent job and still manage to make somewhat of a living with sewing and it. And I cannot forget to actually be close to friends, which would once again be wonderful.My car...Collapse )